Success in Brazil is all about execution

Creating value with genuine commitment and skin in the game

Since 2017, Shift has been investing and building companies alongside exceptional entrepreneurs in Brazil's real economy and the tech-enabled space. By investing selectively, with a Private Equity-like pace and diligence, Shift works closely to its invested companies, offering execution capabilities and value-add, positioning itself as the premier partner for Brazil's emerging and fast-growing middle-market companies.

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Our Investment Philosophy

Born as operators

Our operational background gave us competence to guide early middle-market companies in their growth-oriented process

Hands-on approach

We are truly committed to our invested companies and support in business development, capital structuring, team building, governance, and financial engineering

Deep fundamentalism

Investing in high-quality companies in a slow pace and developing strong conviction in our decision-making process

Portfolio concentration

Capital concentration permits us to rigorously select our investments, therefore providing important activism and generating alpha returns

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